Types of Characters for Fip

Several Fip programs use the idea of a 'type of character' - uppercase, punctuation, numbers etc.

Believe it or not, there is some consistancy!

Each program - ipformat, vwire or any using FipSeq for 'repeats' - all use the following table.

See also ASCII Mapping for information on the actual character positions.

aAlphabeticAll Letters a-z and A-Z
uUpper caseAll Uppercase Letters A-Z
lLower caseAll Lowercase Letters a-z
nNumberAll Numbers 0-9
dDecimal numberAll Numbers 0-9 and dot '.' comma ',' plus '+' minus '-'
mMoneyAll Numbers 0-9 and dot '.' comma ',' plus '+' minus '-' currency symbol '$'
sSpaceSpace Tab LineFeed/NewLine CarriageReturn FormFeed/VerticalTab (but NOT BackSpace which is a ControlChr)
xAlphanumericAll Letters and Numbers 0-9 a-z A-Z
eAlphanumeric and DotAll Letters and Numbers and the dot 0-9 a-z A-Z '.'
xANPAAll Letters, Numbers and dash '-' 0-9 a-z A-Z
pPrintableAnything you can see! Space, letters, numbers and punctuation
wPrintable - NO spaceSame as Printable - but not incluing spaces
tPunctuationStandard Punctuation :;&!@#$%^*()_+-={}[]|\"'~<>,./?
cControlThe first 31 chrs - all unprintable - \001 to \031 (decimal) or \001 to \037 (octal)

On Unix, you may want to look at the manual pages .. or on the otherhand you may not....

Note that these are for the normal C or US or UK setup. If your system has had its 'locale' changed to reflect your native language, please see your System Administrator as to what is what exactly.